Why Filipino Workers are Perfect to Hire

Outsourcing work has never been too easy as you need to carefully scan numerous applicants from foreign countries. Issues like talents and trust often arise when an employer needs to outsource work from people who are not even his fellow countrymen. If you want to narrow down your choices, then you may opt for hiring Filipino workers.

Other countries may see Filipino workers as incapable people since the TV news show that the Philippines is a poor, corrupt and flooded country. Though this might be the current condition of the country, Filipinos are actually rich in terms of positive attitude and talents.

Filipinos have high regard to their families. We would do anything (righteous) just to earn money, even a few bucks to save ourselves and our families from drowning in the pits of poverty. You could say that Filipinos are money-driven. We work hard to be justly compensated. We can work above the usual 8 hours of labor. Filipinos work like horses. Some even work 20 hours. The remaining 4 hours would be their only time for them to sleep.

Smart and honest – these are the top qualities of Filipinos. Filipinos are not only smart in terms of academics. We are also capable of figuring out solutions to problems without depending on anyone. If there are power outages in the area, Filipino workers usually try to find some ways on how to get online and work. In my case, I borrowed the battery-powered laptops of my dorm mates until I’m able to finish my work. Or I would go to a nearby computer shop and I would do my online work there. If there are no other means, I worked double or triple to cover up my lagged work because of the power failure or storms.

Filipinos are also honest. We show our honesty by keeping our promises; being true in our words. In terms of outsourced work, we usually tell our clients upfront yet politely if we can handle the task. We meet deadlines. If not, we provide proper explanation. We don’t make several excuses. We know how hard it is to work.

Aside from that, Filipinos are good in English. Though English is not our native language, we are very good at it; whether speaking or writing. Worried about the Filipino accent? Worry not. Filipinos are great in imitating American and British accents. We are also good writers. We can write about anything. Though there might be a few grammatical errors, pardon us. But we don’t write something trashy and useless.

We like working with foreign companies. They often offer us payment which is higher than our daytime job. Of course, some foreign employers pay a little, but we don’t usually mind that. As long as it can augment our income, we’ll take on the job. Working online never seems like work for us since we enjoy it. We can do it at home in flexible hours.

Filipinos take pride in their work. Even if the pay is just little, we don’t leave things undone. Filipinos always do their best, hoping that foreign employers would regard their hard work and compensate them even more.