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Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

quantum seo solutions - seo company in brisbaneGetting your website noticed by the search engines is known as search engine optimization or optimisation (SEO).

There are many techniques which can help with this process including “On-page” seo and “Off-page” seo.

You don’t need to know the lingo because I do!

You just need to understand there are a lot of aspects of internet marketing which you can control.

Quantum SEO Solutions (QSS) works directly with you to assist with this process and can provide on-going maintenance of your website’s SEO to assure you continue to rank well in the searches.

Create a Website for You

QSS can provide a range of website design and development depending on your budget and business requirement.

A small shop owner’s website would be completely different than an online store, and QSS will work directly with you to build a website which meets your budget and requirement.

Even if you don’t want a website, QSS can provide marketing solutions using Web 2.0 properties available for little to no cost other than the time required to build and maintain these sites.

Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing, also known as auto-responders, can be a very powerful way to build a database and communicate with clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with very little effort on your part.

Email marketing campaigns can provide free value adds (like my free SEO Training Course), provide special deals and promotion to key clients, or to keep your company fresh in the mind of your customers.

Once the initial campaign is set-up, it automatically sends emails to your database – daily, weekly, monthly – or on whatever schedule your prefer.

Business Blogging

I’ve proven that blogging for your business can not only drive traffic to your site, but also can b e used to create valuable back-links, focus content on specific aspects of your business like dates, suburbs, products etc, and also alows to you to dominate the search engine result pages (SERPS) with more content.

And every tie you get a new blog post indexed on the first page of Google, you’ve knocked off one of your competitors links, so blogging for business is a very powerful way to leverage your businesses footprint online.

E-Coupon Marketing

E-Coupon marketing can be a valuable way to bring clients to your website or into your physical business.

E-Coupons can be made available from your website, Google or through an email campaign.  Everyone likes a deal, so trialing an e-coupon campaign can increase interest and traffic.

Pay-per-Click Marketing (PPC)

google adwords training tipsYou might have noticed the ads on the right hand side of the page when you search on Google.  These ads are paid ads, so when you click on one of those ads, the advertiser get’s charged a fee.

You can have your ad showing on the first page of Google when people do searches on specific words or phrases.

There are many ways to use online ads, including using Google and FaceBook among others.  Depending on your budget, your specific niche business and your marketing requirements, we can build a customized ad campaign which will drive more web traffic to your website.

Article Marketing

One of the best free ways to get more traffic and customers is article marketing.

You write a short 300-500 word article about a solution that your business provides – “How to Improve Your Web Traffic Using Article Marketing” as an example – and then submit your article to one of 100’s of article directories on the web.

People then search article directories for information just like they search on search engines.

They find your article and this makes you an “Authority” in your business niche, so customers start to trust you because you know what you’re talking about.

You can also get valuable back-links from these articles to your website, which Google loves!

Podcasting – ITunes

itunes podcasting marketingYou can record your voice and use it to promote your services and products.  Podcasting allows you to take these recordings and distribute them on the internet to various podcast directories like ITunes.

You can also embed a podcast directly into your website.

Do you have a list of frequently asked questions about your business or service?  Then use a podcast to answer those questions just like you were speaking directly to a prospective client!

Video Marketing – YouTube

youtube video marketingVideo marketing is by far one of the MOST powerful marketing tools available to you!

Many people are afraid of getting in front of a camera, but the reality is people buy form people they trust, and watching a video has the same effect on someone as meting you in person.

You can use video to create this special rapport with clients you haven’t even met, and when they do ring you or walk into your business, they already feel like they know you.  Don’t think video is only for large companies with huge budgets – we can create ashort video of you talking about your services and products in minutes!

We then upload this to YouTube and use than link to bring the video directly into your website.  It’s fast and easy, so think about differentiating your self with video today!

Social Marketing Like Twitter and FaceBook

social media marketingDo you have a FaceBook or Twitter account?  If not, then get one of each set-up today!

FaceBook has over 500 million users and twitter over 5 million users…these tools can be used to promote you and your business immediately!

Take advantage of these mammoth databases of registered users to drive traffic to your website and awareness of your products and services.

QSS can help you better understand how the brave new world of Web 2.0 can open doors to new customers, suppliers and partners.

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