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Quantum SEO Solutions provides internet marketing advice, search engine optimisation solutions (SEO), local search support, mobile marketing, mobile apps development, social marketing consulting and QR code solutions to companies in Brisbane, Sydney and throughout the world.

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Not long ago I was sitting exactly where you are now…busting my bum working running a company in Brisbane, while squeezing every drip from my marketing dollars to bring in new leads to the business.

In 2006, I saw a unique opportunity to market the business through Google Adwords, because most of my competitors weren’t using this method to promote their business.

I had some great success for the first 12 months, until the competitors realized they too could use this internet marketing tool to their benefit.

As my competitors entered the Adwords market in 2007, one by one, the price for keywords escalated – this is the price you pay to have someone click on your ad – I realized I needed more than just multiple Adwords campaigns running in the background to promote new leads.

I needed my site to be found faster than my competitors, so I began to learn about search engine optimization (spelled ‘optimisation’ if you speak the Queen’s English) and transferred this knowledge to the content management system we used for our website.

Again, my early web optimisation knowledge gave me the jump on the competition, but this didn’t last long either.  They too started to “optimize” their websites.

After putting aside my disbelief in marketing tools like Blogging and Twitter, I started a company blog and Twitter account to try to stay ahead of the pack.  It hit me that this was an ever-evolving process.  I ran a cutting edge IT training company, so I HAD to be a leader in internet marketing solutions to succeed.

It was at this point I realized the time invested in this knowledge gave me an edge…

And my knowledge acquired in the trenches of SEO will give you an edge!

I always had an edge on my competition because I stayed ahead of the pack!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee shop owner, a plumber or a business consultant, the internet is where 90%* of the population starts their search for products and services.

You might sell vacations, homes or sewing machines; in either case the bulk of the population starts searching for information on products and services from a computer long before they buy!

The question is, can you be found where they are searching?

Start researching the search words for your business with Google’s free keyword search tool!

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