QR Codes Australia

Quick Response Codes – Also Known as QR Codes

What the heck is a QR Code?

OK, so Quick Response (QR) codes are all the rage in offline marketing, and if you’re not sure what a QR code is then you can see an example of one on this page.

They work like bar codes in that you need a QR code scanner to utilize the QR code.

QR code scanner apps are available for both platforms – iPhone and Android – and once you’ve installed the QR code scanner application, you then bring up the app and it uses the phone on your camera or mobile device (ipads and Android pads work as well) to scan the QR code.

The QR code has something embedded in it, also the scanner takes you wherever the company who created the QR code wants you to view or experience.

Various Ways to Use QR Codes to Market Your Business Video:

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Why should business in Australia be implementing QR code strategies?

It is the nexus of social vs retail!

Check Out This Short QR Code Explanatory Video

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A quick response code or “QR code” allows an offline business like cafe, electrician, locksmith and online businesses like real estate, used cars and florists to bring people online via mobile devices like iphones, ipads, android phones, android pads and blackberry devices.

Check out the QSS QR Code Below:

quantum seo solutions qr code



These strange but wonderful icons create an opportunity for small business to bring off-line customers onto an online platform…the implications are enormous!