Content Marketing is the New Black for Online Marketers

While I can’t take credit for the term “content marketing is the new black”, I can assure you that as an SEO expert in Brisbane, Australia and professional internet marketing consultant, I’ve been focusing much more on content marketing than on back-linking during the past two years.

Because of this focus, none of my clients have had to worry about Panda’s or Penguins and in fact most are seeing an increase in both search and social traffic as a result.

So what is “content marketing”?

Basically it’s creating and using content (video, audio, and text) to promote your company’s brand, products and services in places where people are looking for it.

Obviously in Australia Google has approx 98% of the search market, so keeping Google happy is always a concern.  The thing about Google is it loves new, fresh and directly helpful content.

If your company, brand or products help people, Google wants to know about it (as do all your potential new clients).

Yes we do need to worry about keyword density, link structure, H-tags etc, but the reality is getting good content on your site is THE best way to stay in good graces with the 1800 lb search gorilla.

Social is less about search and more about timely, cool stuff.  So you want to make sure your posting photos, results, testimonials etc where other people will find it (or have it forced onto their page, timeline, tweetosphere, etc).

It’s really not magic or voodoo – it’s just being smart about structure and keeping it going – every minute/day/week/month/etc…

We offer two types of content production and distribution based on your budget and requirements.  The first level is for professionals who want to be seen as a true authority in their niche – so the content is written by experts, reviewed by you and distributed less often.

The second level of content is more to drive traffic (both social and search) and consists of shorter pieces of content that are unique but require less research, approval and effort to create.

Another service we provide is a complete social outsourcing solution, so if you’re wondering how you’ll ever find the time to do social? 

The answer is “you won’t”, so you can get started by using Quantum SEO Solutions to manage this for you.

Quantum SEO Solutions can provide a range of content marketing and social services for any industry, so make sure to contact us or check out the website.