Why Outsourcing to the Philippines Works for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur always entails the risk of not earning profits within a year or so. Entrepreneurs are courageous business-minded individuals who take this kind of risk; thinking that after a few years of hard work, they will earn more than they could ever foresee.

Though this is the nature of the entrepreneurial world, you can possibly avoid the worst case scenarios of not earning profits or bankruptcy if you know how to outsource your work. A lot of big companies and small businesses venture the outsourcing road. What does it really mean to outsource your work? It can save you a lot of money, especially when you hire people from Philippines. The cost of labor in the Philippines is cheap. If you find 300 USD as just a little penny, this is already considered as gold for the Filipino people.

There are a lot of work you can outsource in the Philippines through the following websites:OnlineJobs.ph, oDesk.com and EasyOutsource.com. This includes content writing, SEO, website design, graphic design, and even personal assistants.

Content writing

If you don’t have the knack and nerve to write several articles, ebooks or blog posts, you can delegate this work to Filipinos looking for part time or full time home based jobs. You might raise an eyebrow since English is definitely not the native language of Filipinos. However, Filipinos are actually great when it comes to the English language.

Just post a content writing job either on Online Jobs, oDesk or Easy Outsource. Within a few minutes, you will see that a lot of people will be applying to your work.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is some kind of technique wherein you make your website ranked higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The most common techniques in making your website ranked higher are link dropping, blog commenting, submission to article directories and guest posting.

Filipinos can do SEO even if they don’t have a degree in IT related subjects. Have you heard the 13 year old Filipino boy who earned dollars using the “making money online” as a niche? That’s how talented Filipinosare.

Website Design

Website design mostly entails of the maintenance and graphics of a particular website. If you will browse Online Jobs, oDesk and Easy Outsource, you’ll actually find Filipinos who are quite talented in this line of work.

To see if they are really capable, you may ask them to see some websites they have worked on, or you can just subject them to a trial task before hiring them.

Graphic Design

Traditional or digital, Filipinos can make something artsy as long as they have the means. Graphic designing mostly consumes a lot of working hours. If you need something immediately done, hiring the best and most creative Filipino graphic designer will be your only solution.

Personal Assistants

Working with Filipinos can be a great experience since there is someone working for you even while you sleep. This is because of the different time zones. Filipinos are smart personal assistants. They can do your administrative work. You can trust them on their work and you can only give them minimal supervision.